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Head of Neeldhaari Samprada, Pipli Sahib

Param Sant (Raja Jogi) Baba Satnam Singh Ji Pipli Wale

” It is wrong to worship anyone as Guru other than–the all-powerful, the God of all Gods–the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. We may be the men of the Guru but the only omnipresent and complete Guru is the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. “

Param Sant (Raja Jogi) Baba Satnam Singh Ji

With the blessings and guidance of Sant Mahapursh Harnam Singh Ji (Sant Kile Wale)Param Sant (Raja Jogi) Baba Satnam Singh Ji (Sant Pipli Wale) embarked on a life long journey of practicing and teaching the Sikh faith to the world wide Sikh community and society at large.

A humble and well – known religious figure
From a young age, Sant Pipli Wale had the privilege of being in the company of Sant Kile Wale Mahapursh, from whom they acquired the knowledge of the Rehat MaryadaGuru’s BaniSikh History, as well as a deep understanding of other religions.

Sant Kile Wale Mahapursh also bestowed the gift of Kirtan on Sant Pipli Wale. The Sangat become entranced when they hear Sant Pipli Wale immerse themselves in Kirtan, passionately singing and interpreting the meaning of the Shabads.

Sant Pipli Wale treats everyone equally with love and respect and hence such mannerisms gained them the title of “Sant”. Yet they are so modest that they tell the Sangat that they believe they have not even become a proper Sikh and that they still have so much to learn.

They Practice What They Preach

Sant Pipli Wale are firmly disciplined in the rules of the Rehat Maryada and set an example for the Sangat :

  • They wake up in the early morning and have a full head & body bath, after which they recite the daily morning prayers (Nitnem).
  • In the morning & evening, they attend Kirtan in the presence of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and sit on the floor cross-legged whether they are in the Gurdwara of Pipli Sahib or in Maharaja Garden City (MGC), Bangkok. No matter how tired on unwell they may be, they make it a point to reach for Kirtan; singing along and explaining and connecting the Sangat with the Gurbani.
  • They encourage and inspire everyone to give as much respect as possible to the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, explaining that the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is our Father and we are all his children.
  • From Sant Kile Wale Mahapursh they learnt and followed the original Rehat Maryada of the 10th guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, and adorned the blue colour Dastaar and blue Kamarkasa.
  • They spend day and night spreading the teachings of the Gurus and recounting the Sikh History to the Sangat.
  • They advise everyone to take Amrit and become the sons & daughters of the 10th Guru.

About their Birth

Sant Satnam Singh Ji Pipli Wale were born on 2nd February, 1949 to their parents : Sardar Laal Singh Ji and Mata Surjit Kaur Ji in the village Jor Majra in Karnal, Haryana in India.

Providing Education

Sant Pipli Wale Ji paid for the books and fees of those fellow classmates & students of Kurukshetra University who were unable to afford it. They also provided extra salaries each month to help out the teachers who are not so well-off.

Marriage and Their Family

Sant Pipli Wale Ji are married to Mata Gurnam Kaur Ji and they have 2 children; their daughter, Biba Arvindpal Kaur Ji and their son, Bhai Sahib Bhai Nirmal Singh Ji Khalsa, who were given the title ‘Bhai Sahib’ from Sri Patna Sahib. Like their father, both the children have interest and knowledge of Kirtan and Gurbani. Sant Ji’s son -in-law was also awarded the ‘Bhai Sahib’ title from highly-respected Singh Sahibs. Sant Ji’s 2 grandsons, PremNiwaj Singh & PremHans Singh win the hearts of the Sangat when displaying their skills of doing Kirtan and playing tabla at such young ages.


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